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Your Dream Trip

Vroom! Vroom! Get ready for a road trip! Before you and your family hop in the car and zoom off on an adventure, it's good to know where you are going.

Let's dream up a good place for you to go!

Have each member of the family fill in the following questionnaire. Hopefully there will be some things in common and that will help you dream up a place that you will all enjoy on your family road trip!

Check all the things you like to do:

Swim, Surf and other watersports Fish or Hunt
Boat (canoe, sail, motorboat) Ski/Snowboard
Watch animals Read
Walk/Hike Visit Museums
Paint and do Arts & Crafts Learn about stuff
Meet people Dance
Listen to music Take pictures
Eat Cook
Meet people Solve Puzzles
Ride trains Exercise
Cuddle with babies Go to the theater
Watch movies Lie in hammocks
Play games Play with toys
Watch sports Play sports
Build or make stuff Shop
Go for drives in the country Watch airplanes taking off
Dress up in costumes Science Experiments
Fly kites Visit pretty places
Visit historic sites Visit archaeological sites
Dig for dinosaur bones Hunt for shark's teeth
Sunbathe Climb trees
Splash in waterfalls    

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