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You have many options to choose from when planning Alaska vacations. The all inclusive Alaska vacations can offer you a great discount since flights, lodging accommodations, meals, and drinks are rolled into a nice little vacation package. The Alaska Cruise has been becoming more popular than ever with people wanting to see what Alaska has to offer. Or you may feel more comfortable setting up you own reservations. No matter how you get there, Alaska has a lot to offer. You can look online to make you Alaska travel arrangements or check with your travel agent for details.

How you enjoy your Alaska vacations is completely up to you. With all of the activities that are available you definitely won't be bored. If you want to take in the sights a helicopter, a sight seeing excursion is going to be your best bet since many places are not accessible by road. Some of the sight seeing helicopter rides may be available with a stop on a glacier or stopping for hiking along the way.

Alaska Vacations Mountains
Alaskan Mountains

Take a ride on the Alaska Railroad on your Alaska vacations. Spanning 470 miles from Seward to the Kenai Peninsula, the train runs through the Denali National Park, Denali State Park, and Chugach National Forest. You will see some of the roughest terrain and spectacular views from the large windows and comfortable seats of the train.

If you visit your Alaska vacations spot in the summer time, be prepared for the daylight. The longest days and around June 21st and it can be daylight in Alaska for anywhere from 18 to 24 hours depending on the area you are in. The further north you go the more daylight you have. The reverse goes for winter travel with the longest spans of darkness being around December 21st. Alaska vacations are truly enjoyable.

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