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Bermuda Vacations

Located in the Atlantic Ocean with the closest landmass being 630 miles away, Bermuda vacations can take you away from it all. It is a tropical island paradise with the culture and the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle that dates back to Christopher Columbus in 1492, where he reported strange lights in the sky and bizarre compass readings.

With crisp blue skies, pink sand beaches that have been tinted by the pink shells of microscopic sea creatures, and brilliant blue-green water splashing the shoreline, Bermuda is a tropical haven for your vacation. Bermuda is made up of 180 islands and linked by bridges. Go on a guided tour to experience all the island has to offer on your Bermuda vacations.

With all of the beautiful sites to see on Bermuda vacations, grab a map and a rental car to begin you sight seeing excursion amongst the island of Bermuda. Fort St. Catherine, located in St George was originally built as a wooden fort in 1612 and has been rebuilt many times since. Now as the building stands looking out into the waters, it is still one of Bermuda's greatest structures surrounded by a moat and draw bride.

The Royal Navy Dockyard is now a shopping mall, craft market, and the Bermuda Maritime Museum. Located on the tip of Ireland Island, it was the largest British naval facility located of the mainland. Once you are done shopping at the mall and checking out the museum, stop over and have yourself a dolphin adventure at Dolphin Quest or check out Hammerhead's Bar and Grill located at Snorkel Park on your Bermuda vacations.

As most islands or coastal destinations have, Bermuda has some amazing lighthouses that are waiting to be checked out. Whether you want a tropical oasis Bermuda vacations or are looking to explore the history and culture behind the island, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. Book your Bermuda vacations today.

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