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The United States is very culturally diverse and it is often hard to pin point any certain cultural aspect since it is the melting pot.

During your US travel, you will find many things that are sight seeing worthy. From the deepest valley in the Grand Canyon to highest peak in the Rocky Mountains, you will come across some amazing man made wonders, but even more fantastic natural ones. Preparing to travel across country? The five Great Lakes, the Sonoran Desert that covers four states and 25,000 square miles, or the volcanoes in Hawaii, this sight seeing adventure have brought people from far and wide.

You can take a guided tour of a fabulous city on your US travel. They sport fantastic architecture and many have cultural districts. Las Vegas is a brilliant tourist attraction built in the middle of a baron desert. Or the nearby Red Rock and the Valley of Fire might peak your sight seeing interest. From the west coast beaches bordering the Pacific and east coast beaches bordering the Atlantic, there is something fabulous for you in between.

Plan a trip to New Orleans to experience Mardi Gras or a family vacation to Disney World in Florida, or a drive up the coast for the lighthouse enthusiast on your US travel. For the avid golfer, there are over 19,000 courses in the US. That equals to 380 per state. Or is a trip to New York City where a park is hidden amongst the concrete and stone or a ski adventure on the mountains of Colorado could be more what you are looking for on your US travel?

Many of these places don't require week long stays, and can be a great vacation spot for a weekend getaway. If you don't want to catch a flight or book a hotel, just buy a map and rental car and drive. There are many sites to see on your US travel vacation.

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