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Grand Canyon Vacations

Start your Grand Canyon vacations with a ride on the Grand Canyon railroad. The breath taking views will start when the train leaves from Williams, Arizona. It is a 3.5 hours ride of spectacular scenery and amazing landscapes. The Grand Canyon Railroad is a great way to beat the traffic; you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Grand Canyon Vacations

Grand Canyon - North Rim

On your Grand Canyon vacations, located 210 feet below the Canyon floor and covering 60 miles, the Grand Canyon Caverns are the largest dry canyons in the world. A railroad woodcutter who bought the property thinking there was gold on it, did not discover it until 1927. Tourists now have the convenience of taking an elevator ride to the bottom of the shaft to get to the caverns. You will have a guided tour that starts in the two main rooms, The Chapel of Ages and The Hall of Gold. There are many other rooms to tour in the cavern along with seeing a mummified bobcat that fell into the caverns around 1850. It is only 56 degrees in the caverns, so it will be chilly.

There are many hiking trails and look out points for you to stop and take a gander at the fabulous views the canyon has to offer. On your Grand Canyon vacations sight seeing adventures, you will see the breath views from the top deep down into the Colorado River.

Visit the Grand Canyons new Skywalk. A glass bottom horseshoe shaped observation deck that juts out 75 feet into the canyon. The visibly unsupported observation deck lets you see 4000 feet to the Colorado River below.

Whether you are standing 4000 feet above the Colorado River on the walls of the canyon or 200 feet beneath the surface, there are many sight seeing Grand Canyon vacations adventures.

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