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Okay, now that you've all filled out your questionnaires, are there any items that you ALL checked that you like to do?

If so, make a list of these common interests.

Then, sit together as a family and talk about which ones you all think are the most exciting and rate them starting with #1.

Then, get a calendar and start marking off days that are "HIT THE ROAD" days so you can get excited.

ROAD TRIP #1: Drive in country (day, time, place)
ROAD TRIP #2: Go to movies (day, time, which movie?)
ROAD TRIP #3: ???

What if your family all checked off different things you like to do? Everybody sit down with a piece of paper and rank the things you checked that you like to do in order of importance. For example:

    #1 - climb trees
    #2 - watch animals
    #3 - splashing in waterfalls

Then, take your lists and combine them, writing down the top 3 favorite things each member of your family likes to do. For example:

Dad's List:

    #1 - Watching sports
    #2 - Playing sports
    #3 - Lying in a hammock

Mom's List:

    #1 - Shop
    #2 - Eat
    #3 - Sunbathe

Your List:

    #1 - Watching Animals
    #2 - Painting and Doing Arts & Crafts
    #3 - Science Experiments

Baby Brother's List:

    #1 - Watch movies
    #2 - Play games
    #3 - Fly kites

If you combine your favorite things, you need to find a place that has a way to watch sports, a place to shop, a place to watch animals, and a place to watch movies.

Maybe you could visit an aquarium or zoo with a gift shop in the morning - that would take care of Mom's #1 thing and your #1 thing. And then, for lunch you could go to a sports bar where Dad can watch some sports for his #1 choice. And, then you can all go to a matinee movie and take care of baby brother's #1 thing to do!

See how creative you can get in planning your family's ROAD TRIP!

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