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A safari is an excellent choice for adventure for your Africa travel. These is no better way to enjoy the breath taking sights, view the exotic animals in their natural habitat, and learn about the cultures and history of the region. There are also many other stops that can be made for a rewarding sight seeing adventure on your Africa travel.

While in Pretoria, South Africa, on your Africa travel, some must-see-sights are the Voortrekker Monument. Built to commemorate the heroes of the Great Trek in 1838, the building is made of granite. The Miriammen Temple is the oldest Hindu Temple that was built in 1905. Johannesburg, South Africa, is the home for The Lion and Rhino Nature Reserve.

When planning your sight seeing vacation in Cairo, Egypt, allow for ample time to visit this great historic city. The Citadel was built in 12th Century

In the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa you can visit Tabletop Mountain. It is a sandstone mountain that has a table top that stretches for three kilometers and has Devil's Peak on one side and Lion's Head on the other. Or, perhaps you would rather check out the amazing sight seeing views from Signal Hill.

Luxor, Egypt has a place that is worth your time and travels. A stop at the Ancient Thebes that was the capitol of Egypt during the period of the Middle and New Kingdoms will be an adventure. Then let your Africa travel take you to Alexandria, Egypt to see the early Christian holy city, which was built over the tomb of the martyr Menas of Alexandria called Abu Mena.

Your Africa travel can take you on many different adventures. Traveling through time and learning about their past culture and history, you can take guided tours or a sight seeing tour of your own. Your Africa vacation will not disappoint you.

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