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Tahiti Vacations

There are many Tahiti vacations options available for the French Polynesian traveler. You can often find vacation packages and all inclusive vacations for great savings.

Tahiti is the largest of the 118 islands that make up the French Polynesian. It has mountain peaks that reach over 7350 feet across its 402 square miles of surface. The island is volcanic by nature and sort of sprang up from the waters. Any animal life that inhabits the island has been brought over by other countries. The flat coastlines are covered in beaches with white or black sand.

Papeete is the Capitol of Tahiti and the gateway to the territory. Papeete has fantastic markets for endless shopping, fields of tropical flowers, fine restaurants, world class spas and resorts, and one of a kind pearl shops and boutiques.

You can take a guided tour on your Tahiti vacations. A mountain 4X4 tour will take you to the top of Mount Marau where you will have panoramic views. You will have a stop at Arahoho Blow Hole. Arahoho is a powerful sea geyser. You will visit three waterfalls in the Fa'aurumai Valley. Maybe a hiking adventure is more to your liking on your Tahiti vacations. Take a hike through the west coast to find the islands hidden secrets. You will discover beautiful birds, mape trees, wild flowers, and fresh water shrimp. You can also take a dip in the natural pool. You can also take a leisurely boat or airplane tour around the island to see the fabulous sites from other spectacular angles.

Being the tropical paradise that it is, you have many vacation options available when it comes to your Tahiti vacations spot. From packaged deals to all inclusive resort vacations, you have many deals to choose from while planning your Tahiti vacations.

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