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Aruba Vacations

Filled with alluring folklore and traditions with years of diverse influences on the island and multi cultural backgrounds, Aruba vacations can fulfill your dreams for a fantastic tropical vacation.

If you are a land lover looking for some adventure your Aruba vacations spot can offer hiking through the caves. The Guadirikiri Cave has two chambers and extends 100 feet into the earth. The Fontein Cave has drawings left behind by the Arawak Indians. The Huliba Cave, which gives you 300 feet to explore, is also know as the Tunnel of Love because of it's heart shaped opening. Maybe the butterfly or ostrich farms are more to your liking.

The California Lighthouse, which was named after the California a ship that had sunk in the area in 1908 is another popular spot to look at while taking Aruba vacations. The lighthouse is located on the southern tip of Aruba. On your Aruba vacations sight seeing adventure you can see Bushiribana Gold Mills Ruins and Balashi Gold Mills Ruins. These old gold mills helped produce the more than three million pounds of gold that have been discovered there.

On your Aruba vacations visit the Natural Pool, also called conchi or Cura di Tortuga by locals, is a unique rock and volcanic stone circle formation that encircles a small depression creating the Natural Pool. It is surrounded by some of the most rugged terrain in Aruba making it inaccessible by car. There are natural bridges on Aruba, spanning the beauty of the sea. With dramatic rock formations and tree bent at a permanent 45-degree angle from the wind, the northeast coastline of Aruba also has rough and natural terrain beaches.

On your Aruba vacations you are bound to create everlasting memories. From you flights to and from the island showing a magnificent view, to you hotel accommodations, and sight seeing ventures you will have stories to tell your children and grandchildren.

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