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Making the decision on where to go during your China travel is not something that should be decided without doing some research. A search into the cultures of China is an important piece of planning your China travel vacation. Understanding the principals and values before entering the country is a must. You are a visitor into their homeland and it is imperative to respect their beliefs and culture.

Take a look into China's Imperial history by visiting Beijing. The Forbidden City is a vast structure that has 70 structures and more than 9,000 rooms. It is surrounded by a high wall and encircled by a moat. It was the imperial residence of the Ming and Qing dynasties from 1368 to 1911. It is now a museum with close to a million treasures to view. There are the historic temples, Lama Temple and the Temple of Heaven, filled with culture and lessons of the past that you can visit on your China travel. Make sure when you are visiting China you check out all the cultural and historical places like Tienanmen square.

Visit the bustling city on Hong Kong, on your China travel. For a 20-minute ride on the Mid-Levels Escalator, this 800-metre hillside escalator starts from Connaught Road Central to the prime Mid-levels residential district. Or, you can take a ride on the Starr Ferry to Victoria Harbour, one of the deepest container ports in the world. Take a ride on the tram to Victoria Peak. An amazing sight seeing adventure with panoramic views of Hong Kong will have you snapping pictures.

Xiamen Beach is just five minutes from downtown Xiamen. Right off the freeway you can enjoy the white sand beaches and turquoise waters. The Jinmen Island, which belongs to Taiwan, is less than a mile from shore and provides a picturesque view.

You China travel will take you through the countries historic past. A fabulous sight seeing extravaganza of mixing the old and the new will provide you with a cultural vacation.

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